About us

We at PrimaCat believe that every cat has the right to eat proper food. It is our task to offer all cat owners the opportunity to get high-quality food for their cats that is similar to cats' natural diet. This is why PrimaCat products are conveniently available to everyone in grocery and convenience stores.

We genuinely respect cats' nature and wellbeing; tested and proven tasty PrimaCat products always contain plenty of meat and no wheat or added sugar. We also know the nature of cats and understand that feeding cats is sometimes a real art. We can never guarantee that your cat will like us each and every day, but we promise to take as good care as possible of your cat's digestion, day after day. What is more, we want to make trying new products as risk-free as possible for you by refunding a product if it did not happen to please your cat's palate this time.

PrimaCat is a brand of the Finnish Prima Pet Premium Oy, and it is rich in tradition. Prima Pet Premium Oy is a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of pet food and pet products. The company started operations in 1999. There are over sixty of us at Prima Pet. The crew also includes at least the same amount of pets. Because pets are important to us, charity also plays a big role in our operations. We want our products to be the best there is for all cats, dogs and small pets, from us to you. Read more about PrimaCat's charity work for animal welfare.