Dry cat food

Feeding a cat is an art form, and that is why, when planning the new PrimaCat range, we listened to the best experts: cat owners. The main ingredient of PrimaCat dry foods is always meat or fish, and they do not contain any wheat, corn or added sugar. You can also find totally grain-free options in our dry food range.

Cats can be choosy about eating but at best, meal time is a moment of togetherness and caring for the cat and the owner. Cherish these valuable moments and offer food that is good for your cat: PrimaCat's wheat-free dry foods include plenty of meat and no corn or added sugar. Also available in our dry food range is an entirely grain-free cat food. Select the PrimaCat cat food that offers your cat all the nutrients needed at different ages. PrimaCat dry cat foods are made in Europe, and you can find them in the same stores as other family members' food.