Wet cat food

Cats can be choosy about eating but at best, meal time is a moment of togetherness and caring for the cat and the owner. Cherish these valuable moments and offer food that is good for your cat: PrimaCat wet cat foods include plenty of delicious meat and no wheat or added sugar. You can find wheat-free and grain-free food pouches for the daily feeding of cats in PrimaCat's wet food range.

The art of feeding a cat.
The very meaty and grain-free PrimaCat Classic wet cat food range is made in Europe, and it includes both delicious gravy and jelly flavor alternatives. The PrimaCat Classic wet cat food is excellently suited for the daily feeding of cats. It includes all the nutrients a cat needs, as well as plenty of meat or fish. The PrimaCat Fillets wet cat food range contains genuine fillet meat, a dash of rice, and water or jelly, which is essential for a cat. The 100% natural fillet pouches are very well suited as treats and to be served alongside complete food. PrimaCat products are wheat-free, and they do not contain added sugar, which can be harmful for cats.