Cat litter

In the PrimaCat cat litter range, you will find top-quality and highly absorbent cat litters made from 100% natural products. PrimaCat litters are made from top-quality natural bentonite, which makes the litters fast-clumping and highly absorbent. The litters are also almost dust-free, making it easy to clean the cat litter box and keep it tidy.

PrimaCat litters are available both unscented and subtly fragranced with fresh scents. These high-quality cat litters are conveniently found in grocery stores.

Cats are usually particular about their toilet habits. They use a litter box indoors or go outside. It is important to ensure that the litter box is cleaned often enough, because cats do not like to use a dirty box. New litter should be poured in the box daily after the clumps have been removed. Use a mild detergent and hot water to clean the litter box, and avoid detergents with a strong scent.