Feeding a cat is an art form, and that is why, when planning the new PrimaCat range, we listened to the best experts: cat owners. PrimaCat Cat Food range has a high meat content in every product and is designed to fill your cat's nutritional needs with every bite. PrimaCat offers high quality cat food easily from grocery stores.

Cherish the valuable meal time moments and offer food that is good for your cat: PrimaCat's wheat-free dry food includes plenty of meat and no corn or added sugar. Also available in our dry food range is an entirely grain-free cat food. PrimaCat cat food offers your cat all the nutrients needed at different ages. Our range of PrimaCat wet food is broad and helps you feed even the pickiest of cats. Grain-free and meaty PrimaCat Classic pouches are available with gravy or jelly. You can reward your cat in good conscience with the PrimaCat treats every day. You can find high quality PrimaCat foods in the same grocery stores as other family members' food.