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How to find the right food for my cat?

Good cat food is nutritious and tasty. It gives your cat energy and keeps the cat’s coat shiny and gut healthy. The best way to find the right cat food is to try different foods and monitor your cat's body condition. This article gives tips on how to choose the most suitable cat food for your cat.

When looking for a suitable food for your cat, consider at least the following:

  • Age of the cat 
  • Activity level
  • Has the cat been sterilised or neutered? 
  • Is the cat an indoor or outdoor cat?
  • The cat's body condition, i.e. whether the cat is overweight or too thin
  • The cat's own taste preferences
  • Possible allergies and illnesses

The cat should be gradually introduced to new foods without fasting. When feeding a cat, the most important thing is that the food is healthy and varied, and that the diet meets the cat's natural nutritional needs. We also recommend making sure that most of the food your cat gets is complete food. Learn about the differences between complete and supplementary foods.

A kitten needs more energy than an adult cat

A growing kitten's diet must contain plenty of energy and balanced nutrients to ensure the kitten gets enough protein, fat and essential vitamins and minerals to support its growth. PrimaCat Chicken for kittens and nursing cats is an ideal dry food for kittens as well as pregnant and lactating cats.

PrimaCat's popular Classic wet food selection also includes a cat food for kittens. The nutritional composition of this wet food is designed to meet the needs of growing cats, with additions such as omega-3 fatty acids to support the development of the kitten's brain and vision.

Do you know what to consider when feeding a kitten? Read our guide on how to feed your kitten.

High-quality protein sources for senior cats

When feeding an ageing cat, it is very important to take into account the individual needs of the cat and provide a high-quality, meaty food that supports the hydration of the old cat. If your senior cat already has ailments of old age, you should plan the cat's diet together with your vet.

Sterilising and neutering reduce cat's energy needs

For a sterilised or neutered cat, it is advisable to choose a cat food designed for sterilised cats, with a suitably low-fat content and a mineral composition optimised for the needs of neutered cats. Sterilisation and neutering increase the cat's risk of gaining weight, as the cat's reduced hormonal activity lowers the cat's energy needs.

A good choice for your cat's main food is a meat-rich wet food, such as PrimaCat Classic cat food for sterilised cats. The cat must be adequately hydrated, as spaying and neutering can increase the risk of urinary tract problems. With wet food the cat will get natural hydration.

The right food for indoor cats

When feeding indoor cats, the meatiness and appropriate fat content of the cat's food is very important, especially if the cat is not very active. To help with weight management, you can offer your indoor cat a variety of stimuli to help keep the cat active.

The quality of the cat food plays a major role in feeding an overweight cat

A cat's obesity increases the risk of many illnesses and, in the worst case, can shorten the cat's lifespan. The most important thing when feeding an overweight cat is a protein-rich, meaty diet without carbohydrates. Usually, cats only eat as much as they need and stop eating when they are full. However, the cat's body does not utilise carbohydrates, and in order to become full, the cat may have to eat significantly more carbohydrate-rich cat food than food rich in protein.

Find out how to recognise when your cat is overweight and how to successfully get your cat to lose weight.

Illnesses and allergies may require a special diet

Some illnesses require a special diet, and allergies can also limit what you can feed to your cat. The diet of an ill or allergic cat should always be planned with a vet.

Get to know your cat's taste preferences

A cat's taste buds can be difficult to please, and palatability is one of the most important criteria for choosing cat food. Some cats are happy to eat any food, while others may only eat one or a few foods. Learn about feeding a picky cat.

Many cat owners have experienced the moment when a cat looks suspiciously at the food bowl and refuses to eat. In particular, a new food may make the cat dubious, but it is perfectly possible to change the cat's food. Read our advice on how to change a cat's food.

Knowing your cat's favourite foods and tastes makes it easier to choose the right cat food. PrimaCat Classic wet foods come in a variety of flavours, either in a delicious gravy or in a juicy jelly. Find the best cat food for your cat from the PrimaCat's selection!

High-quality cat food from the supermarket

The most important thing when choosing cat food is to ensure that it meets the cat's natural nutritional needs. PrimaCat cat foods always contain plenty of meat and never any wheat or added sugar.

At PrimaCat, we want to make sure that every cat has access to quality food that is good for the cat. That's why our cat food can be found in regular grocery stores and supermarkets, making it easily available to every cat owner. Find out more about our retailers.