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Ultra Compact cat litter

PrimaCat Ultra Compact Vanilla cat litter

PrimaCat Ultra Compact Vanilla
PrimaCat Ultra Compact Vanilla scented cat litter
Made in Europe
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • Solid, easy-to-clean clumps
  • Almost dust-free
  • Effective odour control

PrimaCat Ultra Compact is a high-quality cat litter made of 100% natural clay, grey sodium bentonite. The cat litter's very fine-grained granules are very absorbent and bind unpleasant odours in quickly and effectively. In addition, bentonite has naturally antibacterial properties. With Ultra Compact cat litter, you clean your cat's litter box in a jiffy, the solid clumps the litter forms are easy lift out from clean litter. The slight vanilla scent of the litter makes handling it even more pleasant, and the very fine-grained texture feels pleasantly soft under your cat's paws.

Thanks to its excellent absorbency and effective clumping, the Ultra Compact cat litter is long-lasting. The almost dust-free cat litter also keeps the place clean, because it stays in the litter box and does not mess up your cat's empire. Because it is dust-free, it also supports your cat's health, as the litter dust does not irritate your cat's lungs.

The fully recyclable 7 litre cardboard package equipped with a carrying handle is convenient to carry home from your nearest grocer. PrimaCat Ultra Compact cat litter is also available as an unscented version.

Cats are very particular about the cleanliness of their litter boxes. Remove solid clumps from the litter box daily and add an appropriate amount of new litter. Replace the litter completely for example once a week or when the litter seems dirty. The litter box should not smell. Cat litter can block a drain, and it does not decompose in the compost, so the clumps collected from the box and dirty litter is disposed of in mixed waste.

If you want to try out a new cat litter brand or type for your cat, get your cat used to the new litter little by little. A cat may not want to go in its litter box if the litter has been changed completely to a new one, or if the litter is otherwise unpleasant to the cat. Add a thin layer of the new litter on the old litter so that your cat gets used to the smell and consistency of the new litter. Replace the old litter completely with the new one when your cat seems to be sufficiently used to the new litter.

Package size:
7 kg


Sodium Bentonite, fragrance.

Instruction guide

  1. Fill the litter box with litter, at least 7 cm.
  2. Scoop clumps daily. Do not flush litter clumps down the toilet, discard with household waste.
  3. Add litter when needed to maintain depth of at least 7 cm.

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