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Chicken in Broth Soup for Cats

Chicken in soup
PrimaCat Chicken in Broth Soup for Cats
No corn
No grain
No added sugar
No wheat
  • 100% real chicken meat
  • Grain-free and corn-free
  • No added sugar
  • No plant-based ingredients
  • Plenty of delicious broth
  • A supplementary food for cats

PrimaCat Soup Chicken in Soup is a wet food for cats that contains lots of delicious broth. In addition to the attractive broth, the pouch contains 100% genuine, juicy chicken meat – without anything extra. PrimaCat Soup cat food is a sugar-free and grain-free pouch that contains no herbal ingredients. It often suits even cats with sensitive stomachs. Soup wet foods contain plenty of wonderfully finely cut, juicy chicken meat that your feline friend will find hard to resist. Cats should get the fluid they need mainly from food, so foods with naturally high fluid content, like our Soup supplement, are ideal as a delicious complement to your cat's daily diet and in increasing her fluid intake.

Package size:
40 g
40 g x 4


Chicken breast 30%.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 6.9%, crude fat 0.8%, crude ash 0.2%, crude fibre 0%, moisture 89%.


Technological additives: thickeners.

Feeding guide

Serve at room temperature 1 pc/day (4-5 kg cat) as an addition to a complete meal. Rich in broth, suitable for filling part of cat's daily water intake.

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Taste & Quality Guarantee

We are proud of the quality and tastiness of our cat food. Our products have a complete satisfaction guarantee, with the receipt of purchase.