Wet cat food
Fillets wet food

Tuna & Shrimps in jelly

Tuna & Shrimps in jelly
PrimaCat Tuna & Shrimps in jelly
Filet meat
In jelly
No corn
No added sugar
No wheat
  • Tuna fillet pieces (55%) and shrimp (4%)
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A natural source of amino acids
  • A delicious supplement
  • Wheat-free, corn-free and soya-free, suitable also for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • No additives
  • No added sugar

PrimaCat Fillets Tuna-Shrimp in Jelly is a gluten-free cat food filled with seafood sensations. The pouch contains 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives. This coveted supplementary food for cats contains a delicious blend of rich tuna and tasty shrimp, gelled with natural seaweed extract. The tuna contained in the pouch is genuine fillet meat obtained from the best parts of tuna.

Uniquely delicious recipe contains nothing extra. We provide your cat with delicious and healthy food in all its simplicity; Fillets products contain no added sugar, wheat, soya or corn or artificial additives. Cats need a diet with lots of meat for their well-being – and that's what our Fillets products contain, up to 75%.

Package size:
50 g
4 x 50 g


Tuna 55 %, shrimps 4 %, rice 1 %, water 40 %.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 10,1 %, crude oils and fats 0,4 %, crude fibre 0,1 %, crude ash 1,1 %, moisture 86,5 %.


Jellied naturally with seaweed extract.

Feeding guide

One single-serve pouch for a 4-5 kg cat per day. The daily nutritional needs of a cat depend on e.g. the breed, age and activity levels. Serve at room temperature, and always keep fresh water available.

Instruction guide

Store in a cool and dry place, opened package in the fridge. Best before and batch number: see stamp. 

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Taste & Quality Guarantee

We are proud of the quality and tastiness of our cat food. Our products have a complete satisfaction guarantee, with the receipt of purchase.