Natural diet for cat

Three basics about feeding a cat

A cat's wellbeing requires food that is tailored to the cat's species-specific needs. That is why PrimaCat cat foods are always rich in meat and with no wheat or added sugar which is unnecessary for the cat's nutrition.

Feeding a cat, cat's natural diet PrimaCat

Meat provides the basis for a healthy cat diet

Cats are absolute carnivores. They are predators whose body needs a lot of animal protein. From protein, cats get amino acids such as arginine and taurine, which are critical for their vital functions. 

Vegetable protein is poorly utilised by cats, and cats do not get all the amino acids they need from vegetable protein. If grains or other plant-based products are listed as the first ingredient on the label of a cat food package, the food may contain too few ingredients of animal origin for your cat's needs.

Meat and fish provide the cat not only with protein but also with essential fatty acids, which the cat's body cannot produce on its own. A meaty, protein-rich diet will help your cat stay energetic and healthy throughout its life.

Feeding a cat, cat's natural diet PrimaCat no wheat

Carbohydrates are unnecessary for cats

Wheat, for example, is a cheap source of carbohydrates that has no nutritional benefit to your cat. Instead, a high-carbohydrate diet can make the cat overweighted and cause other health problems. Food high in carbohydrates often needs to be portioned abundantly, as it does not fill the cat's stomach as well as meaty food.

Your cat needs some fiber to aid digestion, but too much vegetable fiber is not good for your cat's stomach.

Feeding a cat, cat's natural diet PrimaCat no added sugar

Hidden sugar in cat foods

As many human foods, foods sold for cats can also contain hidden sugar, i.e. added sugar. Sugar is also a carbohydrate, which is unnecessary for cats and at worst harmful. Read more about sugar in cat food. 

Check the ingredient list to see if the cat food you buy contains sugar. Although cats cannot taste sweetness, they can get used to sugary food. This may make it more difficult to switch your cat's food to a sugar-free alternative. Read our tips on how to change a cat's food.

How do PrimaCat cat foods meet your cat's natural nutrition needs?

Cat's natural diet chart PrimaCat

PrimaCat cat foods follow the cat's natural diet: 

  • The main ingredient in our wet and dry foods is always meat or fish, and the animal protein content is high. 
  • All our products are wheat-free and sugar-free.
  • We offer a wide range of completely grain-free cat foods.
  • Your cat will get all the nutrients it needs from the grain-free PrimaCat Classic complete foods. In addition, the Classic wet foods contain either jelly or sauce in the appropriate proportion to support the cat's adequate fluid intake.

Cats can sometimes be very choosy about their food. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of flavour options and a full-satisfaction guarantee for our products.