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Poultry-mix Collection

Poultry-mix Collection 12-pack
PrimaCat Poultry Mix Collection 12-pack cat food
No corn
No grain
No added sugar
In gravy
  • Convenient economy pack without fish
  • Includes 12 pouches in three different flavours
  • 50/50 meat strips and sauce
  • Helps to maintain the cat's fluid balance
  • No grains or added sugar
  • Made in Europe

PrimaCat Classic poultry-mix gravy assortment is designed according to the wishes of cat owners without fish. The handy 12-pouches multi-pack contains four meals in sauce of each delicious flavour alternative: duck, turkey and poultry.

We have designed the recipes of PrimaCat Classic cat food with strong professional expertise, the focus being on the well-being of cats. Many cats can be very picky eaters, and feeding a cat is an art form of its own. The Classis range wet foods are not only nourishing but also delicious complete foods. The have high meat content, which is essential for a cat's well-being, and the full flavour of the meat strips prepared from pure ingredients can get even a picky cat to empty its food bowl.

For a cat, healthy skin, shiny fur and strong claws are a key part of a cat's overall well-being. That is why we have added biotin and zinc in the wet foods to support the health of the cat's skin, fur and claws. The Classic range of wet foods also contain an optimal amino acid composition for the cat's species-specific needs. Meals in the PrimaCat Classic poultry-mix range contain tender meat strips and juicy gravy in an optimal 50/50 proportion, which helps maintain the cat's fluid balance.

In addition to the poultry-mix gravy assortment, the range includes PrimaCat Classic gravy assortment and PrimaCat Classic jelly assortment. In addition, the Classic range of wet foods have six different flavour alternatives to choose from. The Classic cat foods are suitable for all adult cats. They are completely grain-free complete foods prepared in our own factory in Europe without soya, added sugar, genetically modified ingredients, or artificial flavours.

Package size:
12 x 85 g


Composition, Analytical constituents & Nutritional additives/kg

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Serve at room temperature. Always keep fresh drinking water available. Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep in the fridge and use within 3 days.

Feeding guide

Serve at room temperature. Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Made in

Czech Republic

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We are proud of the quality and tastiness of our cat food. Our products have a complete satisfaction guarantee, with the receipt of purchase.