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Gravy Collection

Gravy Collection 12-pack
PrimaCat Gravy Collection 12-pack cat food
No corn
No grain
No added sugar
In gravy
  • Convenient-sized economy pack
  • Complete food
  • 50/50 ratio of fillets and gravy
  • Helps maintain a cat´s hydration
  • No grains or added sugar

Convenient economy pack of PrimaCat Classic Gravy pouches includes flavors Poultry in Gravy, Beef in Gravy, Lamb in Gravy and Fish in Gravy.

Cats have a naturally low sense of thirst, making it important for cats to get most of the hydration they need from food. That is why foods that naturally contain a lot of fluids, like our pouches, are very well suited as the main food. The recipe is very meaty to increase its tastiness; the fillets contain 82% of high-quality and easily digested meat- and animal-based ingredients. In addition, our recipe is sugar- and grain-free, and it does not contain corn, soy or genetically modified ingredients. 

Jelly Collection 12-pack also available.

Package size:
12 x 85 g


Composition, Analytical constituents & Nutritional additives/kg

Please see the info on product sites:
Poultry in Gravy
Beef in Gravy
Lamb in Gravy
Fish in Gravy


Serve at room temperature. Always keep fresh drinking water available. Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep in the fridge and use within 2 days.

Feeding guide

Serve at room temperature. Always keep fresh drinking water available.

Made in

Czech Republic

Taste & Quality Guarantee

We are proud of the quality and tastiness of our cat food. Our products have a complete satisfaction guarantee, with the receipt of purchase.