PrimaCat classic wet food for your cat’s daily nutrition

PrimaCat classic wet food for your cat’s daily nutrition

Feeding your cat is an art form that always aims for a healthy pet. PrimaCat Classic is a wet cat food that provides a nutritious base for a healthy diet for your cat. Classics are complete cat foods that give your cat all the nutrients it needs.

Classic wet cat food is PrimaCat's most popular product. We asked cat owners what they wish for a cat food, and we made it happen with Classics. The carefully designed recipe of the Classics meets your cat's natural nutritional requirements without compromising the taste:

  • Cats are obligate carnivores and do not need grains or other plant-based ingredients in their diet. So, we made the Classics grain-free and with high meat content.
  •  The balanced amino acid composition ensures the cat gets enough taurine and other essential amino acids.
  • The optimal 50/50 ratio of tender meat strips and juicy gravy or delicious jelly supports your cat's hydration. Cats have a naturally weak sense of thirst, and they must get most of the water they need from their food.
  • Added biotin and zinc help keep your cat's coat, skin, and nails strong and healthy.
  • Classic cat foods have no added sugar.

Find out more about a cat's natural diet. 

PrimaCat Classic-täysravinnot eivät sisällä viljoja tai lisättyä sokeria



Do you have an indoor cat that has been neutered or sterilised or is overweight? PrimaCat Classic wet food for sterilised cats is an excellent choice when your cat needs weight control. Classic wet food designed for sterilised cats contains slightly less fat than other Classics and its mineral composition helps to prevent urinary tract problems, that are typical for sterilised and neutered cats. Learn more about meaty and tasty turkey flavoured PrimaCat Classic cat food for sterilised cats. You can also choose Salmon in gravy for sterilised and neutered cats.

Perhaps you have a new kitten in your home? PrimaCat also offers a wet cat food for 1–12 months old kittens. PrimaCat kitten food has the right fat content for a growing cat and added Omega-3 fatty acids to support development of the kitten's nervous system and vision. Read more about the delicious and meaty Classic Kitten Food. 


One day your cat will love poultry, but another day it's fish that might tempt the cat to the food bowl. Cats' fickle minds can make it difficult to feed your cat.

PrimaCat's solution to cat feeding problems is the wide selection of flavours in the Classic selection:

  • Cats' favourite flavours: poultry, beef, fish, and lamb, as well as the new Classic flavours duck and turkey.
  • All flavours are available as gravy meals.
  • Four jelly meals: fish, lamb, beef, and poultry.


The delicious Classic flavours for adult cats are available both as individual meals and in convenient collection packs. Four different multipacks make it easy to feed your cat and add variety to the cat’s daily diet. Each multipack contains a total of 12 meals.

The jelly and gravy multipacks contain three pouches of four different flavours: poultry, beef, fish, and lamb. At the request of customers, PrimaCat also offers a poultry-mix collection pack  without fish. This collection 12-pack includes four meals of each delicious flavours: turkey, duck and poultry.

Classic Meals for sterilised and neutered cats are also available in their own collection 12-pack, containing both turkey and salmon in gravy.


We manufacture our high-quality PrimaCat Classic complete cat foods in our own factory in the Czech Republic. Most of the ingredients used in the Classics comes from Europe, near of our factory. Find out more about the countries where PrimaCat cat foods are produced and where the ingredients come from. 


Because cats can sometimes be quite picky eaters, all PrimaCat products come with a 100% taste and quality guarantee. If the PrimaCat cat food you have bought doesn’t please your cat, we will compensate the product for you. Read more about the taste & quality guarantee.