Cat under a chair

Sugar and cat food

The cat's innate nutritional needs differ from those of other mammals, such as humans or dogs. Therefore, the quality and healthiness of cat food can be difficult to interpret. According to our study, only 25% of Finnish cat owners know what a cat should eat in order to thrive. It is important to us that every cat gets wholesome food and finding healthy food options is easy; therefore, PrimaCat’s truly meaty, sugar-free and wheat-free products are readily available at grocery stores.

Only 25% of Finnish cat owners know what a cat should eat in order to be well.


Almost half of Finnish cat owners think that it is important that cat food is sugar-free, but almost all of the most popular products in grocery stores contain added sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate that a cat does not need to thrive, as the cat’s main source of energy is animal protein (i.e. meat). Also, studies show that the cat doesn’t taste sweet (with a few exceptions), and sugar is not part of the cat’s natural diet. Intake of sugar or excessive carbohydrates can cause a cat a variety of health problems, such as overweight or diabetes.

Although the cat does not taste sweet, the added sugar can still change other flavours tasted by the cat, such as bitterness, or the smells of food. Therefore, switching to a sugar-free product does not always succeed in the blink of an eye, as the product simply tastes and smells different from what the cat is used to. However, switching to healthier food is not impossible!

The added sugar also roasts when heated, giving the wet food product, for example, a beautiful brown tone that pleases the human eye. Sugar-free wet food is often left pale or the colour of the meat contained in the product, which can surprise an unaccustomed cat owner. The smell of the food can also be different from a sweet-smelling product containing sugar, which may require getting used to by both the cat and the cat owner.


The most important thing for us is that every cat thrives and eats food that is good for it. Therefore, PrimaCat products do not contain added sugar. However, switching from a high-carbohydrate or high-sugar product to a healthier product can be tricky due to the cat’s selective nature. Switching the food should be done in a planned and patient manner, as a varied and healthy diet will help your cat thrive every day.