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How to identify high-quality cat food?

How do you read a cat food nutrition label?

High-quality cat food supports your cat's overall health. The product description of a cat food can be quite a mishmash if you don't know how to interpret it correctly. However, the nutrition label helps you to evaluate the quality of the cat food, since the place of purchase and the price of the cat food are not suitable indicators of quality.

This easy 4-point list will tell you what to look for when you are buying cat food. Also read our tips for choosing the right food for your cat's individual needs.

1. Is the cat food complete or supplementary food? If the nutrition label advises you to give your cat dry food in addition to wet food, the food is very likely supplementary food that is not suitable as a cat's main nutrition. Learn more about feeding a cat.

Supplementary food can also be indicated by the term 'complementary food', as is the case for PrimaCat Fillets and Soups. All PrimaCat cat food packages tell you whether the food is a complete or supplementary food.

2. What are the main ingredients in the cat food? Check the first ingredient mentioned on the label. Is it meat or fish? A High-quality cat food consists mainly of animal-based ingredients, which are the base of the cat’s nutrition.

Did you know cats are obligate carnivores? Read our article about a cat's natural diet.

3. Does the cat food contain lots of grains or other plant-based ingredients? Grains and vegetables should be used in the cat's food in very moderate amounts, since they are not part of the cat's natural diet. 

The amount of plant-based ingredients in the cat food can be unnecessarily high if, for example, the product's declared meat content is low, or the product contains several plant-based ingredients. Sometimes cat food manufacturers separate wheat, wheat flour and wheat gluten in the nutrition label, so that wheat wouldn’t be first ingredient listed in the label.

Wet food for cats can be prepared completely without grains or vegetables, but dry food requires plant starch as a binder to keep the kibble together.

4. Is there added sugar in the cat food? High-quality cat food does not contain hidden sugar, i.e. added sugar. Added sugar is completely unnecessary for the cat's nutrition and together with other carbohydrates, such as wheat, can cause the cat to become overweight.

Is your cat already overweight? See our instructions on feeding and dieting an overweight cat.

What is the difference between complete food and supplementary food?

Complete cat food contains all the nutrients a cat needs, and it can be either dry food or wet food. Supplementary food does not meet the cat's daily requirements for the nutrients and is usually wet food.

A responsible cat food brand will clearly state on the nutrition label whether the cat food is a complete or supplementary food. In terms of the cat's well-being, it is very important that most of the cat's diet consists of complete food.

You can find high-quality PrimaCat products at an affordable price in your local store. PrimaCat cat foods are always rich in meat and contain no wheat or added sugar. Learn more about how PrimaCat cat foods meet your cat's natural nutritional needs.